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LUXEMINI had a shock when told they had won Best Club Stand at Trax in September 2016. With 25+ unique, modified MINIs, from forged track cars to beautiful show cars (including a bagged MINI Coupe), it was clearly deserved. After also winning Best Club Stand at Mini Action Day the week before, spirits were high. Intermittent rain gave them the chance to show off their beading from hours of detailing, living up to the LUXE brand name.

LUXEMINI's passion is not limited to MINI, however, the club spent the best part of their day admiring the likes of classic Hondas, VWs, brand new Ford Mustangs and more. It's safe to say that LUXEMINI thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by an array of different modified cars, each with stunning personal touches. After also making several new friends, Trax 2017 is a definite YES for LUXEMINI!

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