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  • Sebastian Free


MITP was Luxeminis first ever club stand at any mini event. This was the start of many to come for this ever growing group, most of us met up before hand to convoy up to SantaPod. Once arrived it didn't take long for the stand to start coming together with the flags, gazebo and all the varieties of Minis on show. With everyone enjoying themselves it soon was time for the Luxemini BBQ which went down a storm. Luxemini is by far one of the most friendly and welcoming group you could be a part of. The MITP show itself based at Santa Pod raceway has always been a fairly popular mini event in the show calendar. Mini owners are able to take their beloved cars down the drag strip to really push their cars to the max to get the best time possible. Also previous years have seen other entertainment such as airshows, stunt shows and rocket cars/bikes going down the strip. However even though there is plenty todo at MITP the one thing that I noticed many people found annoying was the lack of modern mini trade stands. With so many modern minis and lots of people with money at the ready to buy new things for their cars I found it peculiar that at the most there was only 2 trade stands at the event to cater for the vast amount of people that was interested but at the same time there is a sea of trade stands for classic minis which I thought along with many other people quite Unfair.