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So to start off our You and your MINIs Features here we have Beccy's F56 and here's what she has to say. Hello all, this is my Thunder Grey F56 Cooper S, Link! (Yes, like the hero from Zelda)... I bought him in December 2015 from Dick Lovett MINI Bristol with loads of optional extras and not a day goes by where I can resist looking back at him once or five times after parking. He is my pride and joy, a decision I'm glad I made. Link has been modified slightly, mainly aesthetically, on a fairly low budget.

So far I have lowered him on PI lowering springs (30mm) and added some Rotiform BLQ-style wheels (18x8j) in satin black. I've swapped the stock exhaust for the 3inch stainless F56 JCW exhaust. It's louder already but I am soon having the mid-resonator cut out for even more volume. The air filter has been changed to a Pipercross cone filter for increased and cooler airflow while maximising the flutter from the turbo! I've gotten rid of the rear wiper as when you are full racekor you only need to look forwards.

As you can see I've also been let loose with the Plastidip on the grille, tail lights, and under the bonnet. Other bits include many club stickers which add roughly 10 BHP each and (of course) I have blacked-out most of the chrome. If money grew on trees I would be doing a lot more but for the time-being I am very happy with the progress he has made.

Near-future plans other than the exhaust include an additional subwoofer (he already has the Harmon/Kardon system) and tinted windows. Feel free to message me if you want any advice or have a question! I am on Instagram @beccy_.

Beccy Higgins LUXEMINI admin

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