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Hello Everyone! This is my 2013 N18 R56 JCW in Pepper White with Red roof and mirrors. I bought the car in January 2016 after having a Mini Cooper before it. After buying the Cooper brand new and modding it I always thought the only thing it was lacking was power! So I just happened to go past Sytner Nottingham one day and saw it on the forecourt and well, that was that haha.

Modding started a week later swapping the coilovers from the Cooper on to this as they were a straight swap. Then I had the middle resonator deleted out for more noise! After having that a few weeks I then went back and had the rear silencer out for a straight through cat back! Man I love the noise this makes! The pops and bangs, well worth the money!

Few months went by where nothing really changed apart from small aesthetic outside changes and a JCW gear knob and gaitor. This was because I was saving for the first big change...

In August Air Lift Performance finally released the kit for a straight fit on the R56. Car audio helped with everything and that was the kit ordered! Ever since I started modding cars I've always wanted to have a bagged car so with a few long hours/weekends at work I finally did!

In September Phill at the install company killed it with the install! Day, a friend of mine was a massive help giving me ideas but what I shown Phill was nothing like I expected it to be.. it was so much better! To this day I never know how he comes up with his ideas!

Then came the end of the show season so nothing really changed till a set of BBS RC041 came up for sale after a full refurb and I had to have them as they just suited the car colour wise! After a set of adapters had been ordered in January I finally fitted them in Feb 2017 ready for the show season. There's a few more bits to go on for the show season but you're just going to have to wait to see them! 😏😂

Thanks for reading my little feature! If there's any questions you have, don't hesitate to ask. You can message me on Instagram! Always willing to help a fellow Mini friend out! @Andyyoungg

Andrew Young 👊🏽

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