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Hey everyone, this is my modified 2010 N14 R56 JCW. I purchased her back in October 2015 after selling my beloved r50. This has to be one the best decisions I have made, I will never forget taking her out for a test drive, the power was unreal....going from a 90bhp to a 210bhp.

After a month of having her I was already thinking of the mods I could do. Anyone that knows me knows that I love black, all black everything! So I firstly started with the wheels, these were powder coated matte black, along with one of my friends dechroming the whole car for me. (No one likes a chrome car!) The mini was then lowered on 30mm Eibachlowering springs; I had then gone and purchased a G Wing spoiler along with a GP diffuser. The spoiler took a lot of prepping to ensure it sat flush with the car. It was looking perfect.

As I was happy with the looks I started to take the mini to shows in 2016, the Mini Festival at Brands Hatch, MITP at Santa Pod, Modified Nationals and Mini World Live at Rockingham. I took mini on the Rockingham track (first time I have ever been on track) and I fell in love... the speed was amazing. From here I then wanted to tune the engine even further......

It started with the AEM Induction Kit along with an AEM strut brace who I bought off a mini friend. I had then fitted a Piper sports cat, the noise was awesome! Brembo brakes have also been fitted along with an Airtec intercooler.

Last September I was so happy, I had the chance to take the mini to the Nurburging for my birthday. This was one of the best experiences of my life; the mini handled so well and kept up with so many cars (which I was surprised). I will be going again this year and I can’t wait.

A few months ago Oli Mortimer was selling some Fifteen52 Tarmac wheels in black; I ended up buying these along with a Challenge Diffuser, AP Coilovers and Front Splitter. The mini was looking finally how I wanted it. Unfortunately the Mini has not been the most reliable as the clutch failed on me last month, but at least I had the chance to upgrade her to a 4 paddle helix clutch.

The next mods that will come this year will be stage 2 manic map, upgraded race seats and rear seat delete. I will be at a few shows this year, with the likes of Modified Nationals, Players, MITP and LuxeMini Brighton, so come and say hi! J

Thank you for reading my feature! Please make sure you go and follow LuxeMini on Instagram and Facebook. The best mini group by far! If you have any questions please feel free to ask, my Instagram is @Cara_JCW

p.s. credit to Ashley Reed for the photos JJ

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